Belvedere Flats

These are double storey blocks of flats for middle income earners constructed in the low density suburb of Belvedere in Harare. The project was successfully completed.

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Madokero Estates

This is a multi-million dollar project targeting middle income groups. The scope of the project involved construction of seventy (70) blocks of garden flats each with three (3) flats making a total of two hundred and ten (210) garden flats, forty five (45) double storey blocks of flats, each with two (2) duplex flats making a total of ninety (90) duplex flats, eighteen (18) blocks of flats each with three (3) garden flats with a different style from the ones described above, one (1) double storey office block, a service station and a double storey convenience shop, a primary school with boarding facilities, a secondary school with boarding facilities and a shopping centre. This project is currently on-going.

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Strathaven Cluster Houses

These cluster homes are for the middle income earners and were constructed on vlei (expansive soils) ground. A lot of people always think that construction in expansive soils is more expensive. We have always demonstrated that a good design will reduce construction costs without necessarily compromising on strength and durability of the structure. This is one classic example were costs were shot down by a good special foundation design. Cluster homes built on expansive soils with special foundations. The structures are as solid as a rock.

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House Majuru – Mandara

This is a beautiful double storey mansion well executed in the heart of the leafy up-market suburb of Mandara. Wide span concrete slabs make this home a unique style and an envy to watch.

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House Matshiya Borrowdale

This is a spectacular single story house built on a steep sloping ground overlooking magnificent views to the eastern side. The house contains a lot of structural retaining walls as high as 4,5m. In order to reduce costs, the property was built with split levels matching the ground terrain. The retaining walls were designed as reinforced brick masonry walls making them extremely cheaper than if they were constructed as reinforced concrete walls. Stunning views of an immaculate landscaping outside captures the eye of any visitor or by-passer. The method of earth retaining brick walls was also employed following the ground terrain for the landscaping.

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N Richards Warehouse

This is a modern warehouse and Chisipo Consultants were involved as the structural engineering design
consultants. The building is sitted on pile foundations.

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Davipel Trading

Chisipo Consultants were involved as consulting engineers for civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services. The project was recently successfully completed and commissioned in Sunway City industrial Park.

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Bathroom Boutique

Bathroom Boutique Warehouses in Msasa and Waterfalls (along Simon Mazorodze Rd)

These buildings consist mainly of structural steel frames with brickwork used as infill panels. Structural steel frames consist of double span portal frames with spans varying from 30m to 34m for both warehouses. Chisipo Consultants (Pvt) Ltd were engaged as the Structural Design and Construction Supervision Engineers.

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Residential Flats

Recently completed four storey residential block of flats in Harare. Chisipo Consultants were involved as consulting engineers for civil, structural, electrical and mechanical services. The building was successfully completed and commissioned.

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Motor Industry House

Currently under construction a modern office block for the Motor Industry Pension Fund in Harare. Chisipo Consultants are involved as consulting engineers for civil, structural, electrical and mechanical services.

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