Civil Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services

Structural Engineering Services

Principal Engineer F Bhiza

Highways & Township roads

Water & Sewer reticulation systems

Water & Sewer treatment plants

Irrigation schemes


High-rise buildings

Commercial buildings


Institutional buildings

Sports stadium

Infrastructure reticulation

  • HV (high voltage) and MV (medium voltage) substations (33/11kv),
  • 11kv, 0.4kv overhead lines
  • Standby power ( solar, generators, UPS)
  • Ducting and containment for telecommunication services ,

Building Services

  • Lighting
  • Small power
  • Telecommunications,
  • Security, access control
  • Fire alarm and detection systems,
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Vertical transportation (lifts)
    for Industrial, domestic, Institutional and Commercial buildings

Design & Inspection of Mechanical Engineering Services

  • HVAC
  • Fire
  • Vertical transportation ( lifts)
  • Public health